I began Hivernage in August of 2010 following an inspiring trip to Marrakech.  We chose Marrakech to celebrate a milestone birthday because I was so drawn to the architecture, shapes, and simple intrigue of Morocco.  In addition, shopping the souks was incredible.  Despite the 120 degree temperatures we loved it there. Marrakech is home to intoxicating sights, scents, and tastes.  My husband, the map expert, was key to finding our way around the labyrinth of the souk.   Hivernage, French for “wintering or hibernation” is also a name for a neighborhood in Marrakech.   The name just seemed to roll of your tongue and it stayed with me. 

While shopping in Marrakech I discovered one of my most valued treasures, the Handira (wedding blanket) along with the antique teaching tablets.  Both have incredible history and tradition but are great for décor.  As a former event planner I’ve always had a love for well-designed interiors and even dabbled in decorating for friends and family.  HGTV is on 24/7 and I have many DIY blogs bookmarked.

Hivernage is home to exciting and rare finds from the treasures of Morocco.  Please browse through our many items by Shopping Hivernage!

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